Kong Game 2022

The game ends after 31st December 2022. The top 10 scorers (scroll down to see the hi-score board) will get a voucher code that will allow them to claim the Sci-Fi Office Pack from the Unity Asset Store for free. The voucher code will be sent to their emails.

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Move around and avoid the falling knives. Keep Kong stationary over a period of time to get a score bonus!


Use the A D or keys to move around.

For mobile users: Press Ok when the warning pops up in the game. Tap the left of the screen to move left, and right of the screen to move right.

Bug Reporting

Find any bugs, or have suggestions to improve the game? Send us a message using this form here.

Top 10 Highest Scorers (so far)

Note: Each email can only place on the high score board once. So if you enter the same email multiple times, you will only have one entry on the hi-score board.

S/N Name Score Date
1 Tionghopenoonebeatmeagain 429125 23 December 2022, 07:32 PM
2 CrONOx 407422 26 December 2022, 12:27 AM
3 peanutbutter 394183 25 December 2022, 06:36 PM
4 Terence 383973 23 December 2022, 01:57 PM
5 mr tay 367882 24 December 2022, 09:04 PM
6 js 358724 27 December 2022, 06:53 PM
7 Cutemeow 331578 29 December 2022, 02:31 PM
8 sim 311962 27 December 2022, 01:18 PM
9 kaizerCatching up 289587 23 December 2022, 03:09 PM
10 jesus 283990 28 December 2022, 04:40 PM

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